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Temple architect in Chennai In 1983 I (Sthapati M.Palanisamy) has joined as Assistant Sthapati in V.Ganapathi in his organization. From 2010 onwards all the projects has been done under my tutelage. Sthapati MPS is the Traditional Hindu Temple architect and Master builder & desinger and he has established V Ganapati Sthapati Associates in Chennai, India and are specializing in Hindu Temple Architects India. We are one of the leading Famous Temple Architect and Executor for hindu temple and Hindu Temple. Architect Sthapati M Palanisamy is the well known professional Temple Architects and designer in Chennai, Mumbai, kolkata, New Delhi, India for Hindu Temple Architecture, Hindu Gods Statues and Indian Temple Vastu Shastra. Not only in India, their service in all over the world.

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